Expand Your Business Contacts with Email verification

Email verification allows your business to reach your prospects and customers easily and effectively by verifying their email addresses. Each of their email ID is run through the algorithms to determine their legitimacy and validity. Email verification increases the validity of your contact database and improves communication with your customers. At the end of the process, you also get other information about your lead.

Email verification process involves both manual and automated system that verifies users in real-time using their emails. It is one of the simplest and most widely used technologies. Through this process email verification executives will contact your leads, generate quality data and update your records.  You can even opt for automated system that verifies users in real-time using their email.

With Email Verification process you can:

•             Update the records present in your database
•             Validate the phone numbers instantly
•             Find other important information about your prospects such as their location, preferences, industry background, interests, etc.  
•             Reduce costs involved in data management
•             Save time by running your phone numbers through automated system
•             Concentrate more on your other marketing strategies and activities

Credifeye has established itself as a pioneer of email and phone verification. Our end-to-end verification services are designed to give your campaigns the best boost. With our accurate verification system, we make your contact database capable of generating high quality leads. Needless to say, when your contact database is free from any worn-out records, getting access to your prospects becomes a lot easier.

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