What are honeypots or spamtraps?

A spamtrap is an email address assigned to a pool that has not opted-in to receive emails or have never signed up to receive any emails.  This is what is followed, literally! When are emails sent to the 'spamtrap' pool? Many  websites  move  email  addresses  to  spamtrap pools after a certain amount of time (18 months to 2 years) or after they have been retired.

Addresses that are inactive for many years are considered as old user data and included in retired spamtraps.

Legitimate Spamtraps

'Honey Pots' or spamtrap pools are legitimately set up to capture would-be Unsolicited Commercial or Bulk email (UCE or UBE). These addresses have ever signed up, sent  email  or  been  used  to  send  or receive email. These are considered actual spamtraps and  are  included  in  lists  solely  by  guessing techniques.

When a Spamtrap Is ASpamtrap

When no matter how the address was placed into  the  spamtrap  pool,  the  ramifications  of delivering to this email inbox is still the same and is not good.

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