Email verification – It’s a must have accessory.

Email Verification Tool- Three layered verification process

Do you value your data just like any other asset? A Data is indispensable part of customer engagement to drive business. Therefore data is precious and regarded as high value asset. 

Credifeye’s Email Verification tool offers a business with three layer verification process, to make sure you have right and secure data and push your brand value to higher level. Email verification process helps business to add value and derive effective results.

The three steps involved in email verification process are:
  1. Email Address Identification
  2. Domain Id validation
  3. User Id Authentication

This three-layered validation helps in complete removal of bad records, inconsistent email ids that result in hard bounce, allows saving valid email address in database and get rid of nonexistent email addresses.

Through secure email verification process, Credifeye offers following benefits:
  • Data Accuracy
  • High Data Quality
  • Effective Campaign Responses
  • Simple and Customized Integration

Credifeye treats every single data as a high value asset and performs a comprehensive address validation through email verification tool. Thus, it enables a business to increase its brand value using quality email campaigns.

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