Tele-verification promises accuracy and reliability.

Reaching out to customers instantly and delivering successful results are two primary goals for today’s marketers. However, without a proper database management solution, marketers face a tough task in reaching out to right prospects. 
Credifeye’s phone verification solution helps in reaching customers quickly, enhance data quality and maximize the impact of marketing campaigns. It helps marketers by maintaining accurate database, removal of bad records and updates database consistently. Credifeye provides marketers every opportunity to reach out to right customers and enjoy rewarding benefits through high response rate.
Credifeye follows systematic Tele-verification process, by verifying the following credentials:
  1. Name
  2. Title
  3. Business Address
  4. Phone Number
  5. Company Information

Credifeye’s Televerification process offers following benefits to marketers:
  • Increases response rate
  • Boosts data accuracy
  • Offers Free Call Logs
  • Reduces cost incurred due to incorrect data
  • Cleans and verifies records in database
  • Enhances communication with quality contact database

Credifeye’s phone verification solutions helps in effective cost management by removing incorrect records, resulting in exemption of cost incurred due to wrong phone numbers. This way, marketers get to utilize the contact list and validate each file record at no additional cost.

Credifeye also offers Free Call Logs as an additional feature to enable marketers to stay connected with prospects. 


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