Enhance the deliverability of Email Marketing Campaigns

Credifeye offers you simple yet effective verification solutions to enhance the deliverability of your marketing initiatives. It helps you target your customer effectively and helps in delivering expected result. The accuracy of Email verification solution is guaranteed to affect deliverability rate of your marketing campaigns by up to 97%. 

Credifeye stresses on involving only best technology for Email verification to ensure that it delivers accurate results. Credifeye emphasizes on making your database/ list free from any disorders to gain you complete peace of mind and results that exceed your expectations. 

To help you achieve all this, we ensure keeping our master database up-to-date by updating it on every month. 

Credifeye all offers customized Email verification tools and software to help you reduce your dependency to perform verification check on regular intervals. You can choose to utilize Email verification on regular basis without having to worry about time and budgets. The multi-threaded Email verification engine does that all in just a matter of click. It verifies single Email addresses and your complete database comprising multiple contacts at the same speed and frequency. It enables you to perform Email verification beyond the boundaries of time limit. 

For more information:
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Email:  marketing@credifeye.com
Call:  888-225-8006


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