The three C’s: Clean, Complete and Correct Data

Getting most out of your database is highly undervalued. It is not enough to just adding the missing names to the database and although data quality is difficult task, automation can reduce the heavy lifting involved. If you currently have old data which is not revamped from long period of time it may make sense to purchase a specific tool or service that can help you dedupe, augment, and remove unwanted data. 

You think this is “a lot to take in” but you don’t need to do all of these at once. 

Data Verification is not a one trick pony or a flash toy. It goes well beyond technology. It is a journey in which it helps your organization to get hold of your competitors and change your way you market to your customers. Requirements are patience, vision and a dedicated partner that is looking out for your best interests as you embark on your marketing automation adventure. 

At Credifeye, we 
Increase the accuracy of the email addresses
Validate the domain name
Spam check by matching each email address with dead domains and wicked email addresses
Pluck out the typos

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